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About Us

Welcome to the world of Sarasvati – a store embodying the spirit of the Hindu goddess, where every item becomes part of a great creation. Here, the traditions of various cultures - Turkey, India, Indonesia, and symbols of other nations - blend, creating a unique space where beauty meets energy. We pride ourselves on showcasing artisans from different corners of the world, whose creations reflect the harmony of cultures and respect for craftsmanship. Sarasvati is not just a store; it's an inspiring journey through the realm of jewelry, home aesthetic, and organic care products, crafted with love and reverence for nature.

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 Our values lie in the fusion of cultural symbols, handcraftsmanship, and organic products to create a sensual and high-quality way of life. Here, a harmony of creativity, intellect, feelings, and wisdom unfolds, revealing Slowly life – a slow, mindful life.

 Welcome to the store where each purchase is not just a choice but a meeting of beauty and energy. A place where you can feel inspired and become part of the unique art embodied in every product.


Saraswati Jewelry

 Our brand takes its name from the Hindu goddess Saraswati, a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. Just like this divine figure, our jewelry embodies these qualities and aims to inspire every woman who wears it.

 At Saraswati Brand, we celebrate the free-spirited and passionate nature of our customers. We believe in personal growth, embracing simplicity, and valuing imagination. Our jewelry is designed to empower you, helping you tap into your inner light and embrace your natural beauty.



 Our products are formulated in accordance with your daily care rituals,offering 100% natural and organic aromatherapeutic blends and supportive skincare items.

 S O U O P. provides you with more than just a product experience, delivering a lifestyle where you connect with nature. Reminding you that you are a part of nature, we touch your soul with the tenderness of plants.

 Our goal is to reintroduce you to yourself through personal care rituals amid the hustle and bustle of life.

 Our products, approved by the Ministry of Health and holding GMP and ISO9001 quality certifications, are prepared in GA Aromatherapy's laboratory by a team of molecular biologists, genetic engineers, and expert chemists.


Rezzo Ceramics

Rezzo Ceramics She graduated from textile engineering and worked as a fabric designer for many years. Her desire to touch every stage of the product that she designed, led her to ceramics. Nourished by the collective consciousness, she started making vases using traditional techniques. By using ancient and modern forms in her products, she focuses on discovering the minimalist side of them and adding her own touch. She is currently making products on the theme of “Deficiency”, referring to the ways of holding on to life by connecting the missing part to the body with the handle.

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